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TurnKey Management Services,  LLC is a full service residential property management company owned and  operated by  Larry Lutz. Larry, former property manager for Valley  Management Services, brings over 20 years of property management  experience.  Loated in Middletown, MD we serve both Frederick and  Washington counties. We are focused on assisting investors in the  efficient management of their rental properties. We offer flexible  management programs to meet the individual landlords needs. We  have  also been able to help frustrated sellers in the slow sales market to  create income by leasing their properties through these difficult times.   Through detailed application procedures, we strive to bring the most  qualified tenants to our landlords.

Michelle Canova is our full time property manager and is  also a licensed real estate agent.  She  manages the rental account,  coordinates repairs and keeps the landlords updated as to the status of  their rental property.  We are on call 24 hours a day in order to handle  any emergencies that may arise.  As a member of NARPM we have access to  the latest trends and tools in the property management business.

If you are currently a landlord or considering  becoming one, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.  We offer  competitive rates and a hands on approach to managing your rental  property.

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